Mirpur Khas Postal Code – Postal Code of Mirpur Khas Sindh

LocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
ChachroMirpur KhasSindh69170
ChhorMirpur KhasSindh69090
Dhoro NaroMirpur KhasSindh69070
DigriMirpur KhasSindh69330
DiploMirpur KhasSindh69280
Islam KotMirpur KhasSindh69240
JhudoMirpur KhasSindh69310
KhokraparMirpur KhasSindh69120
Kot Guhlam MohammadMirpur KhasSindh69340
Kot Mirjan MuhammadMirpur KhasSindh69300
KunriMirpur KhasSindh69160
Mirpur Khas GPOMirpur KhasSindh69000
Mirwah GorchaniMirpur KhasSindh69370
MithiMirpur KhasSindh69230
Muhammad Medical CollegeMirpur KhasSindh69012
Muhammad Salam PalliMirpur KhasSindh69080
Nabi Sir RoadMirpur KhasSindh69200
Nagar ParkarMirpur KhasSindh69260
Nau KotMirpur KhasSindh69220
New ChhorMirpur KhasSindh69094
PitharoMirpur KhasSindh69060
Samar RoadMirpur KhasSindh69150
SamaroMirpur KhasSindh69350
Satelitte Town Mirpur KhasMirpur KhasSindh69020
Shadi PalMirpur KhasSindh69050
TalhiMirpur KhasSindh69210
Tando Jan MuhammadMirpur KhasSindh69320
Umar KotMirpur KhasSindh69100

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