Wah Cantt Postal Code – Postal Code of Wah Cantt Punjab

LocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
Ahata FarooqiaWah CanttPunjab47066
Heavy Mechanical Complex TaxilaWah CanttPunjab47050
Khurram GujarWah CanttPunjab47092
Lala Rukh Wah CanttWah CanttPunjab47010
Lalazar Colony WahWah CanttPunjab47044
Losar SharfooWah CanttPunjab47002
Nawababad POWah CanttPunjab04702
Pakistan Ordinance Factory GudwalWah CanttPunjab47030
Saddat ColonyWah CanttPunjab47090
TaxilaWah CanttPunjab47080
Taxila Cantt.Wah CanttPunjab47070
WahWah CanttPunjab47000
Wah Cantt. GPOWah CanttPunjab47040
Wah Cement WorksWah CanttPunjab47020
Wah NPOWah CanttPunjab04701
Wah P.M.O ComplexWah CanttPunjab47086
Wah West ParkWah CanttPunjab47046

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