Toba Tek Singh Postal Code – Postal Code of Toba Tek Singh Punjab

LocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
Chak 159 GBToba Tek SinghPunjab36150
Chak 256 GBToba Tek SinghPunjab36080
Chak 316 GB Qadir AbadToba Tek SinghPunjab36000
Chak 327 GBToba Tek SinghPunjab35012
Chak 333 GBToba Tek SinghPunjab36330
Chak 387 GBToba Tek SinghPunjab36260
Chak 424/JbToba Tek SinghPunjab36160
District Court T.T Singh SO.Toba Tek SinghPunjab03602
Gil AcriToba Tek SinghPunjab36270
GojraToba Tek SinghPunjab36120
Gojra City POToba Tek SinghPunjab03612
Gojra GPO NPOToba Tek SinghPunjab03611
JakharToba Tek SinghPunjab36390
Jani WalaToba Tek SinghPunjab36100
Kamalia GPOToba Tek SinghPunjab36350
Kamalia NPOToba Tek SinghPunjab03631
Kamalia Sugar MillsToba Tek SinghPunjab36380
MalfatyanaToba Tek SinghPunjab36360
Nawan LahoreToba Tek SinghPunjab36280
Pacca AnnaToba Tek SinghPunjab36200
Pir MahalToba Tek SinghPunjab36300
Rajana RoadToba Tek SinghPunjab36070
Sandhlian WaliToba Tek SinghPunjab36320
Sultan Market Kamalia POToba Tek SinghPunjab03632
Toba Take Singh GPOToba Tek SinghPunjab36050
Toba Tek Singh NPOToba Tek SinghPunjab03601

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