Karachi Alhydri Postal Code – Postal Code of Karachi Alhydri Sindh

LocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
Baldia Block-9 POKarachi AlhydriSindh07478
Board Of Intermediate Edu(Kp1530)Karachi AlhydriSindh07471
Driving Licence POKarachi AlhydriSindh07463
Fca POKarachi AlhydriSindh07501
Firdous Colony NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07465
Firdous Colony POKarachi AlhydriSindh07464
Frontier Colony (Kp-980)Karachi AlhydriSindh07503
Godhra POKarachi AlhydriSindh07504
Gulshan-E-Saeed (Kp-1816)Karachi AlhydriSindh07505
Hafizabad (Kp-852) POKarachi AlhydriSindh07519
Hamdard NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07467
Hamdard POKarachi AlhydriSindh07466
Industrial Trading Estaes NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07522
Islamic Centre NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07473
Islamic Centre POKarachi AlhydriSindh07472
Ittehad Town POKarachi AlhydriSindh07462
Karachi Alhydri GPOKarachi AlhydriSindh74700
Karachi Alhydri GPO NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07474
Karachi Baldia TownKarachi AlhydriSindh75760
Karachi Board Of Secondary EducationKarachi AlhydriSindh75990
Karachi I.T.EKarachi AlhydriSindh75700
Karachi LiaqatabadKarachi AlhydriSindh75900
Karachi ManghopirKarachi AlhydriSindh75890
Karachi MetrovilleKarachi AlhydriSindh75840
Karachi NazimabadKarachi AlhydriSindh74600
Karachi P.N.A.D.Karachi AlhydriSindh75790
Liaquatabad NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07502
Manora NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07514
Mominabad (Kp-2024) POKarachi AlhydriSindh07409
Nawaabad POKarachi AlhydriSindh07538
Nazimabad Block-2 NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07469
Nazimabad Block-2 POKarachi AlhydriSindh07468
Nazimabad Block-4 NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07461
Nazimabad Block-4 POKarachi AlhydriSindh07470
Nazimabad NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07460
Ncrei POKarachi AlhydriSindh07539
New KarachiKarachi AlhydriSindh75850
New Karachi NPO (Kp-15116)Karachi AlhydriSindh07506
New Karachi Sec-11/A NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07507
New Karachi Sec-11/A(Kp-2048)Karachi AlhydriSindh07508
New Saeedabad NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07476
North Nasimabad (Bl-1) POKarachi AlhydriSindh07520
North Nazimabad Block. “N” POKarachi AlhydriSindh07475
Old Golimar POKarachi AlhydriSindh07523
Orangi TownKarachi AlhydriSindh75800
Orangi Town NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07515
Orangi Town Sec. 11 1/2 POKarachi AlhydriSindh07516
Orangi Town Sec. 15 POKarachi AlhydriSindh07517
Pak Colony POKarachi AlhydriSindh07518
Paposh Nagar POKarachi AlhydriSindh07477
Qasba Colony POKarachi AlhydriSindh07521
Sindhi Hotel POKarachi AlhydriSindh07509
Surjani Town NPOKarachi AlhydriSindh07510
Surjani Town POKarachi AlhydriSindh07511
Taiser Town POKarachi AlhydriSindh07512
Up More POKarachi AlhydriSindh07513

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