Dera Ghazi Khan Postal Code – Postal Code of Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab

LocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
BarthiDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32124
Basti BuzdarDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32110
Basti MalanaDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32410
Bughal CharDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32310
ChotiDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32380
D.G Khan Secondary BoardDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32260
D.G.Khan Cement FactoryDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32250
DajalDera Ghazi KhanPunjab33100
Dera Ghazi Khan City PODera Ghazi KhanPunjab03222
Dera Ghazi Khan GPODera Ghazi KhanPunjab32200
Dera Ghazi Khan NPODera Ghazi KhanPunjab03221
Fort MunrooDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32320
Grain Market PODera Ghazi KhanPunjab03223
JalbaniDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32420
Jam PurDera Ghazi KhanPunjab33000
Jampur NPODera Ghazi KhanPunjab03301
Jhoke UtraDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32430
KalaDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32160
Khyaban-E-SarwarDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32210
Kot ChuttaDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32350
Kot QaisraniDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32130
LatraDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32000
ManaDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32400
MangrothaDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32120
Mithan KotDera Ghazi KhanPunjab33600
Muhammad PurDera Ghazi KhanPunjab33300
NariDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32050
NutkaniDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32020
Rajan PurDera Ghazi KhanPunjab33500
Rajan Pur NPODera Ghazi KhanPunjab03351
RetraDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32040
RojhanDera Ghazi KhanPunjab33700
Sakhi SarwarDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32300
SaminaDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32230
Shadan LundDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32150
Shah Saddar DinDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32170
SokarDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32140
Taunsa NPODera Ghazi KhanPunjab03211
Taunsa SharifDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32100
Tibbi QaisraniDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32030
VehoaDera Ghazi KhanPunjab32010

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