CHAK 47/T.D.A. Postal Code

CHAK 47/T.D.A Postal Code is 30050. A Pakistan Postcode is a five-digit number appended to an address for the purpose of automating the delivery of mail to a certain post office or physical location. Postal codes, or postcodes, are also often referred to as zip codes.

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CHAK 47/T.D.A Postal Code

LocationCHAK 47/T.D.A.
Attached Branch Postcode30051
Postcode TypeDelivery
Post Office / CityBhakkar

What is a Postal Code?

A postal code, which may also be referred to as a zip code or postcode, is a code consisting of a combination of letters and/or digits that is used to identify a particular region geographically.

Mail and parcels sent via the national postal system are sorted and delivered with more efficiency thanks to these codes.

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